The Women’s Book Charity Donations

The Women's BookJust a quickie little post about The Women’s Book.  First off let me say thanks to everybody who has purchased it.  Playstation games aren’t inexpensive these days.  And I hope everybody is enjoying it.

Most importantly, I wanted to remind folks that, at the suggestion of my friend Lisa (inspired by the Cards Against Humanity Pink Box), I not only made the cover pink but decided to charge a $5 Pink Tax.  Just $5 added to the price.

However, this was done with the plan to donate that $5 per book sold to The Women’s Sports Foundation, a group aimed at providing advocacy, research and resources to promote women’s sports.  I had connected with them prior to the release of the book to set things up and will be making a donation at the end of the year to them.

And the main thrust of this post is to let folks know that, as of February 28th, the total donation is already up over $12,000 and I am palpably excited to write them a check in December.

And while clearly this would not have occurred had the book not actually been eventually completed, it wouldn’t have occurred at all if people hadn’t continued to support me and buy the thing.  And I simply wanted to say thanks to folks, along with letting them know what their purchase is concretely impacting other than my Playstation game library.

And finally since it’s related, I wanted to make people aware of a movie trailer I came across on the Women’s Sports Foundation page itself called the Battle of the Sexes.  This is based on the real event that occurred in the late 70’s (I just remember it) with Bobby Riggs, determined to prove the superiority of men over women, challenged tennis phenom Billie Jean King to a match.  Steve Carell is the perfect loudmouthed braggart for the role and it should be a hoot to watch.  Without spoiling it, let’s just say that Riggs was better at talking than tennis.


New Book: Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery

Last week I mentioned that I had an exciting announcement about a new book that was coming.  And, well, here it is.  No, it’s not the Women’s Book (which is nearing completion, I promise).  Rather, it’s a fairly short (42 page) ebook I put together on the topic of Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery.

While this was always a topic I kind of kept semi-up to date upon, the impetus for writing an actual booklet on the topic was driven by two things.

The first was a massive injury I sustained in Februrary of this year where I broke my fibula and tore two ligaments in my lower leg, necessitating major surgery.  I’m only 5 months through what will be a year recovery at this point but, hey, it’s an excuse to skip leg day.

The second was that, I couldn’t find a single book on the topic that had been written since 1994 or so.

Determined to optimize my own recovery, I was driven to delve into the research on the topic and figured I might as well write it up as a quick side project.  Hey, I’ve got hospital bills to pay.

This is the result of that research.  In it I examine the basics of muscle, tendon, ligament and bone along with the types of injuries that can occur to them (injuries to other tissues such as head trauma are not discussed).  This leads into a discussion of various types of injuries and their consequences and I look briefly at the use of PRICES (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Support) and anti-inflammatory drugs along with some of the controversy surrounding them.

Primarily the book focuses on how nutrition integrates with the various stages of the recovery process.  This includes detailed discussions of inflammatory modulating compounds, calorie intake, macro (and briefly, micro nutrient intake).  I also look at supporting supplements that may be useful either in general or for specific types of tissue injuries.  There is also a brief (I mean brief) discussion of drugs that have been studied or may help the recovery processes.  Did I mention that this is brief?


Sol Orwell is a Liar

Let me get directly to the point of this post: Sol Orwell, founder and former owner of, is a liar and today I’m going to show you why.  Before I do that, let me say that I think Examine is a great resource.  I refer to it frequently and refer others to it.  This post has nothing to do with Examine (which Sol sold anyhow).  It has only to do with Sol Orwell and a lie he told publicly about me.

Here’s a link to the tl;dr below.

The Start of Sol Orwell’s Lie

On October 26th, 2016, Sol Orwell made a post that started with a rambling bit about politics before turning somehow to racism within the fitness industry and using this as a springboard into claiming I am a racist.

He continues in his first comment on the post to not so subtly accuse me of using an unforgivable racial slur.

Along with a screencap that includes my Facebook profile picture, he states:

“This is the person who called me a sand n*****r”

So let me examine the entirety of this story in some detail.

Sol Orwell’s Claimed Racial Epithet

Without dwelling on it, I want to look at the supposed racial epithet Sol Orwell says I used towards him.  The term has always been one that is used against Middle Easterners (you know, brown skinned people who live in the sand, etc.).  I’m well aware of this fact as I am half Middle Eastern on my mother’s side (my last name throws off everyone).  I’ve never had it used against me but most people never assume I’m Middle Eastern in the first place.


RFL Kindle and a Muscle Gain Podcast

Just two quick little announcements this week.

Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Kindle Edition

Last year I started converting some of my books into Kindle edition finally.  I got sort of sidetracked after I did a few of them but several got done.  And, due to the software I was using not being terribly intuitive, the Kindle Edition of The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook got formatted incorrectly.  About 2/3rds of the book got duplicated and while this doesn’t make the book unusable, it isn’t terribly tidy or easily readable.

Well, I’ve finally gotten the book reformatted correctly.  Anybody who purchased the product previously should feel free to email me at orders @ (take out the spaces) with either their order email, full name or receipt and I’ll be happy to send you the correctly formatted version of the book.

Muscle Gain Podcast with Broderick Chavez

A while back I did a podcast with Broderick Chavez of Sports Performance Radio on fat loss and he asked me back to talk about muscle and weight gain.  It went way off the rails as we talked for about 3 hours about everything from realistic rates and amounts of muscle gain to training, nutrition and anything else you can care to think of (though somehow I forgot to touch on cardio during mass gains).

You can listen to the Podcast

Or you can watch it on Youtube


Women, Nutrition and Fat Loss – Teaser

Women's Book Table of ContentsIn February of 2014, for reasons more or less related to anger and spite, I started to rewrite one of my books.  What started as a rewrite rapidly went out of control as it morphed into a nearly 400 page tome on all aspects of fat loss.

At the roughly 85-90% completion mark, I realized that that book was missing a big section, a topic I had been avoiding for about a decade.  That topic was women and fat loss.

I had known for some time that women had far more issues to contend with in men, gaining fat more readily and losing fat with more difficulty among them but, probably out of fear of the complexity, had put a long-promised project on hold.


But as I neared the conclusion of the other book, I realized that I couldn’t put it off any longer. It was time to delve into that topic.  As I started to talk about it online, putting up small excerpts, it became clear that having that as only a single section of a larger project was misguided and that I should separate it out into a book only on women’s issues.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

What I thought might take 100 pages or so rapidly spiraled out of control, every topic becoming more complex, detailed and nuanced the deeper I got into it.  Originally intending the book to cover women’s issues in terms of diet, fat loss and training, I would decide to split it into two Volumes to keep the page length more manageable and help to get the book completed before the eventual heat death of the universe.  That wouldn’t prevent Volume 1, on nutrition and fat loss from approaching and eventually exceeding 400 pages with over 26 pages of references.