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A Challenge to Brad Schoenfeld and James Krieger

Finger GunsSo last Wednesday I put up my analysis of the new Barbalho et. al paper on training volume in men, basically an identical study to the one they did on women.   Given it’s methodological superiority, I once again compared it to Brad’s paper.

As expected Brad and James made typical guru-deflections over my comments.  Because dismissing criticism out of hand is always easier than addressing it honestly or examining your own limitations or trying to actually fix them.… Read More

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Happy Hour with Phil Hueston

Lyle Gun FingersSo a few weeks before I engaged in the rather pointless Brawl that Settled Absolutely Nothing, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Phil Hueston for his Friday Happy Hour podcast.  Phil is an old guy like me meaning that we spent some time yelling at clouds but it was certainly more fun than the other thing I did and I assure you you’ll enjoy it a hell of a lot more than the ‘debate’ drudge.… Read More

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Debriefing the Mike Israetel Debate

So on Thursday December 14th what I am calling the Brawl to Settle Absofuckinglutely Nothing occurred between myself and Mike Israetel.  I guess this means that Mike and I were each other’s Valentine’s day date.  Take that how you will.

Since the discussion was time limited (it still went 90 minutes), there were some things in the middle that weren’t addressed.  More than that, it would have just lengthened it to go in circles.  So I’m using this platform to talk about them.  Mike can do the same.… Read More

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The Women’s Book Charity Donations

The Women's BookJust a quickie little post about The Women’s Book.  First off let me say thanks to everybody who has purchased it.  Playstation games aren’t inexpensive these days.  And I hope everybody is enjoying it.

Most importantly, I wanted to remind folks that, at the suggestion of my friend Lisa (inspired by the Cards Against Humanity Pink Box), I not only made the cover pink but decided to charge a $5 Pink Tax. … Read More