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Why Epidemiology is Crap

Epidemiology is crap.  Epidemiology Graphic

Epidemiology refers to a type of science that is essentially observational.  It looks at a group of people, some aspect or aspect of their diet or lifestyle and some outcome such as disease.  Then it tries to determine what variable (or variables) of diet or lifestyle correlate with some outcome. … Read More

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Protein Requirements for Hypertrophy

The Protein BookWhile I’m working on a few other articles on other topics (including training to failure, the metabolite theory of growth and a detailed examination of what muscular tension is and isn’t), I want to do a quick update on the topic of protein requirements for athletes.  This is a topic with literally decades of history behind it.… Read More

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Carbohydrates Part 3: Problems with the GI

So after a couple of weeks of nothing, it’s time to continue this series, which will invariably run to 4 parts because that’s just how I do things (tediously and in an overwritten fashion).

As an overview of last time, I described how the Glycemic Index (GI) is measured along with the implications that it had for diabetes treatment, potentially weight loss and for athletes. … Read More