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A 6 and a Half Tip Guide to a Great First Powerlifting Meet

As the sport of powerlifting continues to grow and grow, I am seeing more and more people ask questions regarding their first powerlifting meet.    Often they will describe how they intend to approach it.  Often the ideas, approach or goals that they list are far from ideal, almost guaranteeing a bad experience.

“Do Your Own Research”

That’s not meant to be as critical as it sounds.  You can’t know what you can’t know and I imagine most readers of my site know how I feel about the whole “do your own research” thing.

Mind you, powerlifting arguably has more good information on the web available than many other activities.  It certainly does compared to things like bodybuilding/physique sports or general fat loss.

I think the reason is that powerlifting is an objective thing.  What you did either worked or it didn’t.  You either improved or your didn’t and there isn’t any of this “Well I think this worked” nonsense to it. … Keep Reading