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Hip Thrusts vs Squats Revisited

Barbalho KO's Contreras

Since I am American, I believe in kicking a man when he’s down.  It’s just efficiency: he’s right by your foot.  So it’s time to kick Bret Contreras a bit more and revisit the issue of hip thrusts vs squats in terms of which is superior for glute growth (and no I am NOT bringing up the other stuff since I care only about the science).

Now you might be wondering what “new” information there is to examine in the last week and a half or so.  Actually it’s not new in a literal sense.  In fact, it’s  “old” even if it will be “new” to the majority of people.  This gibberish will make sense in a second.

Old “New” Information Hip Thrust vs Squats

So you ask, what is Lyle going to address in this article?  Well I tell you what I’m not going to address and that was Bret’s “article” in the AARR as a response to Barbalho. … Keep Reading