So folks may have noticed a new page in my nav bar and this is it.  Sort of like my page for my experiences with the Austin Humane Society, this is a place for me to keep my various writings about my Bipolar II.  I’ve also included some resources for folks who may wish to look further into it for whatever reason.

My Story

My Initial Public Announcement as to my Bipolar II Diagnosis

This was primarily meant to be an Apology to the Internet, basically explaining why, for years, I had lashed out seemingly randomly at people.

This was followed a few weeks later by a series of 4 articles detailing my initial diagnosis, treatment, etc. through February of 2015.

Bipolar Recovery Update 1

Bipolar Recovery Update 2

Bipolar Recovery Update 3

Bipolar Recovery Update 4

Bipolar Recovery Update 5

Bipolar Recovery Update 6

Bipolar Recovery Update 7

Bipolar Recovery Year in Review

Bipolar Resources

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

This is probably the most comprehensive source of information for Bipolar and includes listings for support groups by locale.  There is also research, information for clinicians and much more here.

National Allliance of Mental Illness (NAMI)

While I do not have any personal experience with NAMI, they are apparently associated with DBSA.  I get the impression that NAMI is more generally focused on all types of mental illness whereas DBSA is more specific to depression and bipolar disease.   But it does seem like some areas have NAMI support groups but not DBSA support groups so it offers an alternative for those folks.

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