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Succeeding to Fail: Part 1

Well alrighty then.  Having addressed, sequentially Layne Norton’s bullshit dismissals along with Mike Israetel’s bullshit dismissals, I want to move past all this drama and bullshit.  When EITHER of them have some facts to bring to what is a scientific debate, I’ll be all ears.  But I will NOT hold my breath as such is not the way of the guru: when they have no facts, all they can fall back on is personal attacks and logical fallacies.  Anyhow.

But now it’s time to move past that nonsense, as I said last time I won’t waste any more time addressing of Mike’s bullshit.    To my knowledge he hasn’t brought anymore of it. Even if he had, I no longer give a shit about it.  Facts talk and bullshit walks, buddy.  So start walking.

Instead, I am going to followup on the original series on muscular failure and look at people who succeeded at failing.  That is, I’m going to start running videos to muscular failure from the people that had the nuts to step up and send them to me.

Videos which show repeatedly, conclusively and incontrovertibly what happens to rep speed and rep duration as people approach muscular failure.  There are no spoilers here folks, they all look the same because of course they do.

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