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A Challenge to Brad Schoenfeld and James Krieger

Finger GunsSo last Wednesday I put up my analysis of the new Barbalho et. al paper on training volume in men, basically an identical study to the one they did on women.   Given it’s methodological superiority, I once again compared it to Brad’s paper.

As expected Brad and James made typical guru-deflections over my comments.  Because dismissing criticism out of hand is always easier than addressing it honestly or examining your own limitations or trying to actually fix them.

So to them I issue the following challenges:

If the embedding doesn’t work, click this link.

So there ya’ go guys.  My challenges to you.  Specific instructions on how you can easily, oh so easily, shut me the fuck up.    It’s what you all want to do, right?  So now you have the chance to do it.

In the roughly 25 years I’ve been doing this and issued such challenges, exactly one person stepped up and he got taken out of the gym in an ambulance.  Beyond that….crickets.

So, Brad, James, Mike and all the fucking rest, it’s time to stop making excuses, stop making deflections, stop dismissing this.  I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and it’s time for you to step up or shut up.

A Correction/Apology to Greg Knuckols

So I filmed this today after being made aware of a mistake in the video I put up yesterday. I wanted to make sure people see it (and please share if you shared the first one).

I am putting it up here, on my FB group, my page, my website and hoepfully my Instagram. If anyone wants to put it on his wall (I can’t ,I’m blocked), please do.

It’s a correction to an assertion I made about Greg Nuckols along with a formal apology for my incorrect statement. It’s also a challenge to him.

Never let it be said that I won’t acknowledge or correct my mistakes.

Note: as of May 2020 I have not heard a single word from ANY of the involved people.  As Brad likes to say “Crickets”.

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