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A Challenge to Brad Schoenfeld and James Krieger

Finger GunsSo last Wednesday I put up my analysis of the new Barbalho et. al paper on training volume in men, basically an identical study to the one they did on women.   Given it’s methodological superiority, I once again compared it to Brad’s paper.

As expected Brad and James made typical guru-deflections over my comments.  Because dismissing criticism out of hand is always easier than addressing it honestly or examining your own limitations or trying to actually fix them.

So to them I issue the following challenges:

If the embedding doesn’t work, click this link.

So there ya’ go guys.  My challenges to you.  Specific instructions on how you can easily, oh so easily, shut me the fuck up.    It’s what you all want to do, right?  So now you have the chance to do it.

In the roughly 25 years I’ve been doing this and issued such challenges, exactly one person stepped up and he got taken out of the gym in an ambulance. … Keep Reading

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Debriefing the Mike Israetel Debate

So on Thursday December 14th what I am calling the Brawl to Settle Absofuckinglutely Nothing occurred between myself and Mike Israetel.  I guess this means that Mike and I were each other’s Valentine’s day date.  Take that how you will.

Since the discussion was time limited (it still went 90 minutes), there were some things in the middle that weren’t addressed.  More than that, it would have just lengthened it to go in circles.  So I’m using this platform to talk about them.  Mike can do the same.

First, one very important comment, in much of this I have been spelling Mike’s last name wrong, as Isratel.  It wasn’t deliberate, just a mistake.  It’s Israetel and I will make efforts in the future to get it right.  I certainly meant to mention this in the debate and hope I did.  Already the memories fade.  But I wanted to make that correction.… Keep Reading

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Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1

Stubborn Fat Solution Patch1.1 Cover

Stubborn Fat Solution Patch1.1 CoverSo last week, I mentioned that I had actually started (gasp) writing again and that, out of a larger project, I had revisited an old project and finished a small booklet.

Booklet is not an exaggeration and this is fairly short, kind of in the spirit of Dan Duchaine’s old stuff.   I’ve titled it The Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1 (because I am a nerd) although I also considered an even worse title.

Now, in the original Stubborn Fat Solution I discussed every possible topic regarding fat and stubborn fat in fairly extended (some would say excruciating) detail along with giving dietary, supplement and training protocols made to specifically deal with the problem of stubborn fat (men’s low-ab and back fat, women’s hip and thigh fat).

However there was one section that I sort of glossed over, mainly due to a dearth of research and general inability to do anything with it.… Keep Reading

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Two Quick Announcements

To give everyone’s eyes a break from reading dense text, I’m going to keep it short and sweet today without a couple of quick announcements.  I’ll finish up the Overtraining series next week (really) and then move back to other things.

Announcement #1: Seminar at Hyde Park Gym In Austin Texas

As I mentioned in Methods of Endurance Training: Results Part 1, I’m currently living back in Austin, Texas. And will be giving a free seminar on Supplementation for Strength and Power Athletes at Hyde Park Gym on Guadalupe.     The seminar will be held Saturday May 15th at 1pm (please note: this is a different time than appeared in the newsletter) and is completely free.

During the roughly 90 minutes (with time for questions and answers) I’ll be looking at both basic and performance supplements (prohormones will NOT be discussed) in terms of what has good research behind it, how to use it, etc. … Keep Reading