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Is the Hip Thrust Better than the Back Squat for Glutes

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The Glute Guy, Bret Contreras has built an entire training industry based on his claim that the hip thrust is a superior glute exercise to the squat. As a singular quote he wrote

Ronnie [Coleman]’s glutes would have been even bigger from hip thrusts. Andy Bolton could get stronger at his deadlift lockout if he did hip thrusts. And Usain Bolt could get even faster if he performed hip thrusts. They are that good!


But what is he basing this on?

Is it right?

A new study, that will assuredly be addressed (and by that I mean dismissed) by the fitness circle jerk just came out. So I figure I’d address it too since I’ll probably present it a bit differently than they do.

I can’t wait to see what lame dismissals of it they come up with given that it is methodologically superior to the work they hold essentially above criticism….


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