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The Hormonal Response to Squats and Muscle Growth

For literally decades, the idea that the hormonal response to squats is important for overall growth has been around.  It came up again recently in my Facebook group and I wanted to address (and ultimately dismiss it) yet again.  First,  Consider the following two statements:

  1. You have to squat (or more generally train lower body) to get big.
  2.  What’s up with all those guys in the gym with big upper bodies and no legs?

I’ve seen the same person make both statements without realizing that they inherently contradict one another.  If you need to train legs to get big overall, you can’t have guys with big upper bodies who don’t train legs.  It’s not difficult to see why this is wrong.  And yet many continue to repeat both statements.

Squats vs. Leg Press for Big Legs

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