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Failing to Fail Part 2

On December 2nd of last year, I posted the last part in a long series I had written about the idea of training to muscular failure.  What it represented physiologically and practically.  In that final piece, titled Failure to Fail I put up a bunch of videos as a demonstration.

A fair number of them were of me showing what training to true failure is in terms of how rep speeds change and the effort involved.  In a few cases a set that started with a roughly 1 second or less rep ended with a final grinder at 4-7 seconds or thereabouts.

I put up videos of some other folks as well.  Vicky Mirceta, my powerlifter Sumi Singh.   And some random guy back squatting to failure to show what that looks like.  Since I doubt most of the people training have ever seen it done deliberately and they sure as shit haven’t done it themselves.… Keep Reading