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Does Training Frequency Matter for Muscle Growth?

Lyle McDonald Revised Frequency Recommendations

While I’m trying to muster the energy to do an update to my training volume series (which is not and will never be called a Bible because…well….pretentious much?), I figured I’d address a related topic: training frequency.  Now I’ve written about training frequency before, mainly looking at different “popular” approaches for hypertrophy training.   Here I want to address a current idea in the fitness industry and ask the question “Does training frequency matter?”  For the most part, I’ll focus on growth although I might switch and talk about strength a little bit too.

Defining Training Frequency

As always, let’s define some terms to ensure that we’re all on the same page.  Training frequency, at first glance, seems fairly simple to define.  It’s how often you train (and here I’ll be talking specifically about weekly training frequency).   If you train five times per week, your training frequency is, well, 5 times per week.… Keep Reading