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3 Less Well Known Benefits of Melatonin for Women

I daresay that melatonin is not the most exciting topic to be writing about in 2020 and you might wonder what I have to add.  Well it’s a bit of an understatement to say I have an interest in women’s physiology.   And for that reason, I want to look at three (relatively) less well known benefits of melatonin for women. Since my voice is shot from singing karaoke (no really) and I wrote the article first, there won’t be a video.

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Benefits of Melatonin for Women

Melatonin is a chemical produced in the brain that, among its other roles, regulates human sleep/wake cycles (see below).  Certainly both women and men produce melatonin and it plays a similar if not identical role in both sexes.  As well, there’s no doubt that it has potential benefits in both sexes.

So why am I writing an article specifically about the benefits of melatonin for women?… Keep Reading