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Succeeding to Fail: Part 1

Well alrighty then.  Having addressed, sequentially Layne Norton’s bullshit dismissals along with Mike Israetel’s bullshit dismissals, I want to move past all this drama and bullshit.  When EITHER of them have some facts to bring to what is a scientific debate, I’ll be all ears.  But I will NOT hold my breath as such is not the way of the guru: when they have no facts, all they can fall back on is personal attacks and logical fallacies.  Anyhow.

But now it’s time to move past that nonsense, as I said last time I won’t waste any more time addressing of Mike’s bullshit.    To my knowledge he hasn’t brought anymore of it. Even if he had, I no longer give a shit about it.  Facts talk and bullshit walks, buddy.  So start walking.

Instead, I am going to followup on the original series on muscular failure and look at people who succeeded at failing. … Keep Reading