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Failure to Fail: Mike Israetel Edition

So having addressed Layne Norton’s ad hominem, strawman, deflection guru hatrick regarding the “debate” over failure between Mike and I, I want to move on to what will be my final comments on Mike’s similar guru-tastic nonsense.

Mike has failed to bring a single FACT to this debate, relying instead of misdirections, deflections, appeals to authority and ad hominems. It may be typical guru behavior but that doesn’t make it any less intellectually honest. But that’s Mike Israetel for you. Hell, that’s most of the supposed “evidence based” fitness industry these days.

When the science supports them, they argue science. When it doesn’t, they bring nothing but excuses, anecdotes, deflections, misdirections and logical fallacies.  The kind that they would NEVER use in an actual scientific debate but think is ok on social media. Because they are hypocritical gurus.

For the majority of this video I address Mike’s attempts to dismiss me in detail. At the end I run 3 more videos (all women) performing actually intense sets to continue to make the following point:

As RPE goes up and people approach 0 RIR/failure, bar speed goes down. It’s that simple and it’s incontrovertibly true. Scientifically, provably, physiologically, objective, visibly.

In, in my opinion, knowingly refusing to acknowledge this (and admit that LYLE MCDONALD is right), Mike is lying to every person who watches his videos. I hope his conscience is ok with it.

From here on out, I don’t give 3/5ths of a damn about Mike’s deflections or misdirections. If he brings an iota of scientific evidence, someone wake me up. He won’t because if he had it he’d have brought it by now.

If he shoots a video where he takes a set until the bar doesn’t move, wake me up.  He won’t because it would prove me right.

And not only can his ego not handle that, it might hurt the #renaissanceperiodization brand. And they can’t allow that.

From this point on, I’m only running videos of the people who had the GUTS to take my challenge. Every one of which, including the three in this video (all of women who train harder than he does) only serve to prove my point: as you hit failure, bar speed slows.  QED.

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