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Training the Obese Beginner: Part 2

In Training the Obese Beginner: Part 1 I took little bit of a complex/technical look at some of the physiological “defects” that are often seen when obesity develops.   Continuing with that I want to look at a few more physiological issues including muscle mass, metabolic rate (mainly to bust a common myth) and the realities of exercise in the beginner/obese beginner population.

Increased Muscle Mass

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the consequences of developing obesity is that some proportion of the total weight gained is lean body mass (LBM).  Quite in fact, this may make up an average of 25% of the total weight gained.  So if someone gained 100 pounds, as much of that could be 25 pounds of LBM.   I’d note that the process is not unlimited.   At some point, obese individuals come up a maximum limit on LBM (similar to the one seen in natural lifters).  From that point on, weight gain is 100% body fat.… Keep Reading