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Is Fasted Cardio Useless for Fat Loss?

While I’m waiting for more than three whole people to step up and prove that they can train harder than me I wanted to run a piece I wrote a while back and never got around to finishing.  And don’t worry, I’m not done thumping on about the failure thing, or the inability of so many supposed fitness professionals of knowing what failure actually is.

The Instagrammatization of Fitness

I’ve watched the online fitness industry develop for nearly 25 years now.  And in recent years, it’s gotten funny in a lot of ways.  Among these is the Instagrammatization where people only seem capable of communicating or reading pretty Infographics.  Said Infographics placing a primacy on being short.  Which means that they cannot convey nuance.  Rather, people tend to make singular (and often trite) absolutist statements because that’s all there is space for.

Add to this the trend where something becomes “true” by repetition.  Someone makes up one of these infographics with a bunch of repeated statements (some of which are right and many of which are wrong).  Someone else assumes it’s true and reposts it to tell their friends.   And they tell two friends and they tell two friends….

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