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Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 2

Since I can’t think of any actual topic this week and think I can answer these questions in a fairly brief manner, I’m just going to clear out some of my questions.  Topics will include women and DEXA, oddities about pregnancy metabolism, endurance nutrition and a bit about health habits when you have bipolar.

DEXA and Bodyfat Measurement

Question: Hi Lyle, I recently did a DEXA scan to get an estimate of my body fat % – I’m female, 28 years old, weight train regularly. My DEXA scan results: 5’3, weighing 59kg and an ‘average’ of 20% body fat. I say ‘average’ as the scan showed that the body fat % in my upper body (arms, torso) was 14% while my lower body (hips, thighs) was 27%.… Keep Reading

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Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 1

Training at Age 46

Question: I was just recently turned on to EFT and now stumbled on to you…. My first article was a link from EFT and found it very interesting. While I didn’t understand all of nuances of the language to describe the science behind the nutrition and physiology of Protein and the synthesis of nutrients, all in all, great article. This article led me to your site, blog and newsletter.

Hey, GREAT stuff. I’ve become a nutrition nerd over the past year and am devouring whatever info I can get my hands on…and this led me to a question you may or may not feel hits a large part of your audience. I continue to read a lot about the goals of hypertrophy, strength and power, what routines are best, what diets are best – but one concern continues to nag at me, over and over; while everyone has different goals, what about AGE???… Keep Reading