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Dieting and Surgery – Q&A

So in keeping with my attempt to do some short video updates, I want to do a Q&A about dieting and surgery.

Hi, Lyle. Currently reading the awesome Women’s Vol. 1 and PSMF… I am on day 7 of PSMF (Cat 2, 30BMI, 14BF%). Protocol recommends FDB every 2-6s. Since, yes, I did week one wrong using Cat 1, I would like to do a full 3 weeks on diet. Dilemma is I have breast revision Feb 12 and I am required to stop Fish Oil ten days prior. I planned to stop it Feb 2nd, BUT can I continue one more week doing PSMF.

I got this question earlier this year and my answer won’t be helpful to them since their surgery has already passed.  But since I often get questions about the topic of dieting and surgery, I still want to address it.

Dieting After Surgery or Recovering from an Injury?

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