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Low Load Training and Videos of Workouts

This is a little bit of an odd article.  I’m going to start by discussing low load (LL) training then do a truncated ‘research review’ and use that to go into what amounts to an opinion piece about current research studies on weight training.

What is Low Load Training?

LL training is a relatively ‘new’ (by which I mean in the last 5-10 years) type of training it. During low load training, subjects lift a fairly light weight , typically in the realm of 30% of 1 repetition maximum to failure.  Various studies in varying populations have shown that this generates the same muscular growth as heavy load (HL) training at 80% of max.  A typical study will compare 3 sets at 30% of max to 3 sets at 80% and both groups get the same basic growth.

Admittedly this seems surprising given what we think we know about muscle growth. … Keep Reading