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You Must Squat – Dumb Shit Fitness Professionals Say #2

You Must Squat is Dumb as Shit

Quite some time back I did an article called Dumb Shit Fitness Professionals Say (DSFPS) where I looked at a bit of a grab bag of dumb shit fitness professionals say.  Well it’s time for #2 in the series but I want to keep it more targeted to one topic: squats.   Specifically I want to start with the idea that you must squat along with other dumb shit fitness professionals say bout the topic.  Welcome to DSFPS #2: Squat Edition

I Am Not Anti-Squat

So let’s start with the qualification, to hopefully prevent people from mis-reading/mis-hearing what I’m saying.  I am not against squats.  I have squatted for the majority of the roughly 30+ years I have been lifting weights.   The times I didn’t squat was either when I wasn’t lifting at all (when I was competing as an endurance weenie) or when I was ice speed skating since it didn’t fit into our training.… Keep Reading