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The Importance of Rest

One factor that is often forgotten by hard training athletes is the importance of rest.  Rest for the body, the mind, and most importantly the joints.  If you go into your gym and look, you’ll probably see lots of people training with knee braces, wrist wraps, elbow braces, etc. who refuse to take time off.  Alternately you may see folks who are just there going through the motions.  If you think about it, you might be one of those people.

The Importance of Rest Days

I want you to ask yourself how many days off you take each week. And when I say off I mean off. Not “I do an hour of aerobics but that doesn’t count.” I mean off. One, maybe two. Probably not that many. How many people (the ones wearing the various braces) are in there every day, sometimes more than once? Either they are doing weights multiple times per week and cardio on the off days or they are doing both each day.… Keep Reading