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Female Fat Loss Seminar with Eric Helms

Just one quick announcement this week, I will be doing a webinar with the one and only Eric Helms on the topic of Female Fat Loss via FitProDevelopment.  I of course have been working for what seems like forever on the upcoming women’s book (nearly done, I promise) and not only has Eric contributed two sections on peak week and making weight, he has provided endless feedback on my writing which comes out of his experience coaching female competitors.

Lyle McDonald and Eric Helms











Yes, that is what my beard currently looks like. Eric and I will have a beard off after the seminar.

I will be handling mostly background physiology while Eric focuses on the practical aspects but there will be overlap.  The outlines of our respective presentations appears below and I believe there will be a Q&A at the end.

Women’s Fat Loss Seminar Information

The seminar will be given on Sunday March 5th, 2017 and will last approximately 3 hours.

Tickets are 39.00 pounds (err, 48.70 in ‘Merkun) and tickets can be purchased here.

Lyle’s Outline
Introduction to Women’s Issues
The Menstrual Cycle
Hormonal Modifiers
Body Composition Differences
Metabolic Differences
Fat Gain and Fat Loss
Menstrual Cycle Disruption
Fixing the Problems
Common Nutrition Errors

Eric’s Outline
Coaching Women
Diet Setup
Energy Balance
Macronutrients Composition
Micronutrient Composition
Nutrient Timing
Flexible Dieting
Training Setup

So at least until the women’s book is finished, if you want to be brought up to date on both the underlying physiology and practice of enhancing and optimizing female fat loss, this is the seminar/webinar you want.

And no I don’t know the answer to questions such as whether or not the seminar can be purchased and watched later but all of those questions can be answered in FAQ.


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