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Research on Women – Why Isn’t There More?

Since I got behind on writing this week (I had to set up for a 3 hour webinar yesterday), I’m running an excerpt from the forthcoming women’s book (which is coming along I promise) about research on women and why there isn’t more of it.  It’s probably subtly different from what is actually in the book since I did a lot of rewriting but hopefully gets the concepts across.  There’s exactly nothing practical here, it’s just kind of some interesting (I hope) blather to introduce the topic.

Research on Women: Part 1

For a number of reasons, a great deal of early research (with the possible exception of diet research) was done on males. This was especially true in the athletic realm and especially in the early days of sports science research. It wasn’t until about the 80’s when a great deal of the gender specific or comparative research really started to be done (1).… Keep Reading

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Male and Female Physiology – Q&A

Question:     How much of the recommendations for women in your upcoming book should men with low T take into account? As a young man with low testosterone who has neither the funds to afford TRT or the desire to throw fertility into question, I am constantly wondering if I should follow the dietary/fitness/etc guidelines for women or men. In my case low T presents itself as a lack of muscle mass and more feminine “stubborn fat” areas. How often and in what situations should men in similar situations as me follow guidelines and instructions set for women over those set for men?

Answer: The short answer, very little.   Now here’s the long answer.  To understand the short answer, I need to explain why male and female physiology (or many of the issues I’ll be addressing in the book) is more than just the differences in hormone levels per se.  Yes, that has an impact but that’s not all there is to the picture. … Keep Reading

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Body Fat, EA or Hormones

So a few weeks back, I provided a short teaser on a recent new book project about women, training and fat loss.  It spun off of a different project that I’ll be returning to after a short break and when I’m done being Batman.  And while it had originally started as a fairly small booklet, as these things go with me, it kind of kept expanding and expanding.

Some of this was due to having to patch in a lot of information from the project it had originally come from to make it a stand-alone book and the rest of it was due to just how damn complex the female system is.  I’d mention that bodybuilder, powerlifter and coach Eric Helms contributed the peak week information along with invaluable feedback.

Women Training and Fat Loss TOCYou can see the full Table of Contents by clicking the graphic to the side and that is finalized (finally). … Keep Reading