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Loretta Update: Merry Christmas

Sharing is Caring

Yes, yes, I know, I’m being part of the Oppressive White Male Hegemony (OHWM) by putting Christmas in the title of this post but you know what, it’s Christmas time so nyah.  Anyhow, I wanted to give an update on Loretta today, so that everyone who was nice enough to donate to help her (and my other dogs) as outlined in Volunteering at the Austin Humane Shelter: Thank You will know what’s going on.

Friday, Loretta went in for her surgery.  I had actually volunteered to pick her up at the vets since it’s close to where I live but apparently she doesn’t like riding in cars and they didn’t want her to mess my back seat.  So shelter staff took her up in a van and brought her back.

And she’s doing wonderfully.  Her eye was removed and, like dogs who have a leg removed, she’s doing just fine.  Dogs are adaptable, they don’t have time to mope.  Her mange is also clearing up and her overall skin and fur condition is better.  She’s still under clinic watch, they’ve been trying to clear her of ringworm for a while.  But all in all she’s on the mend.  Which means that, before too long she’ll get moved from the Pre-adopt kennel (where dogs not yet for adoption are kept) to the K-9 Kennel.

And I have no doubt in mind that the first person who sees her and sees her lovingness and beauty will give her the home she wants.  And I wanted to say thank you again.  Without your help, this couldn’t have happened as quickly as it did.  If it had happened at all.

But I don’t want to say everything that needs to be said.  I visited Loretta today to see how she was doing after her surgery. And the answer is wonderfully.   We took her for a walk and I told her that I was going to wish everyone a happy holidays and Merry Christmas and say thanks but she told me that she wanted to say it herself.

Take it away Loretta.


hai thiz iz loretta.  im not very gud at computerz but im just a dog and wanted to tri.  all i wanted for x-mas this year was to get my i fixed and u all made that happen with ur donationz.   the nice surgonz fixed me friday and im very happi.  my back is getting much better and the nice shelter people are helping me get well.  soon ill have my own family to love me and a home to liv in forever.  i hope u all hav a nice holiday with someone who loves u 2.  id lick u all if i cud to say thanx.  i hop this iz enuf.

Update: I just received the following email from Cyndi in Animal Care at the Shelter:

She ended up not having her eye removed. I know that was the plan at first but they actually did 3 surgeries on her eyes and it looks like its gone but her eye is there.

So that’s a double Christmas bonus.  Loretta got her surgery AND kept the eye.  Happy Holidays!

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Sharing is Caring

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