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Strongman and Bob: The Contest Part 2

Continued from Strongman and Bob: The Contest Part 1

As it turned out, my planned break from training (I take roughly 5 days off every 10-12 weeks to freshen up) coincided with Bob’s contest. We needed a vacation from SLC anyhow so we had booked the trip and planned for a long weekend.

We flew out to Ohio that Thursday morning and I took Bob through a short workout to see what he looked like and to keep him loose. Finished with some stretching for his traps and scalenes which are perpetually tight.

The problems started Friday, he went for a short hike/dog walk and got nauseous and started throwing up. We put him to bed for most of the day and re-hydrated him with Pedialyte, I was concerned about him cramping during the contest since it was hot and humid as hell.

Rested, I took him through the same workout that day as the previous, a little tightness in one hamstring/calf (an area he’d been working on with Dr. Zak but otherwise ok) was the only problem, everything else looked spot on.

Both days he looked snappy and strong, his technique was solid as hell on everything and it all looked good.

And barring any completely unpredictable happenings, he was ready.

He slept shockingly well the night before the contest (many athletes do not but as long as they’ve gotten a good night’s sleep two nights out there is usually no problem) and we got up on Saturday to drive out to Allegheny. Arrived at the Y after a little bit of getting lost to check things out. The contest had five events run in this order.

1. Log clean and press: clean and press from the floor for every rep. Maximum reps in 60 seconds.

2. Farmer’s walk: 100 feet with a turnaround at the midpoint. Best time wins.

3. Deadlift for reps: Maximum reps in 6 seconds.

4. Hussafell stone: 210 pound stone for 100 feet. Best time wins.

5. Tire flip: Supposed to be a 450 pound tire, best time over 100 feet.

We had no idea what sort of turnout to expect although it ended up being 26 total folks with 4 in the Master’s Category where Bob was competing.

The meet was a little bit disorganized and we did what we could to get Bob warmed up and loosened up (this was my big concern). Some easy bar stuff and a few reps with the log and he seemed fairly ready. His massage therapist from SLC had come out for the contest as well and did a little work on his hips (which are also perpetually tight).

At the last minute, they changed the order of competitors, deciding to start with the master’s class and Bob got called off first. Not only was this his first contest, the first athletic event he’d ever competed in, he got to lead off the whole thing.

I expected one of two complete extremes: either his training would come through and he’d just go on autopilot and kick ass or he’d choke completely.

He didn’t choke.

Rather than include a bunch of verbiage describing each even and what happened, I’ll just let the video speak for itself.


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