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Hip Thrusts vs Squats Revisited

Barbalho KO's Contreras

Since I am American, I believe in kicking a man when he’s down.  It’s just efficiency: he’s right by your foot.  So it’s time to kick Bret Contreras a bit more and revisit the issue of hip thrusts vs squats in terms of which is superior for glute growth (and no I am NOT bringing up the other stuff since I care only about the science).

Now you might be wondering what “new” information there is to examine in the last week and a half or so.  Actually it’s not new in a literal sense.  In fact, it’s  “old” even if it will be “new” to the majority of people.  This gibberish will make sense in a second.

Old “New” Information Hip Thrust vs Squats

So you ask, what is Lyle going to address in this article?  Well I tell you what I’m not going to address and that was Bret’s “article” in the AARR as a response to Barbalho. … Keep Reading

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The Facts About Supercompensation of Training

Even so often in my Facebook group, the topic of supercompensation of training comes up in one context or another.  And I invariably dump on the idea, pointing out that it is neither an accurate or correct model of the training process.  Now I want to explain in detail why I believe that.  Along with supercompensation, I also want to look at the fitness-fatigue model of training and General Adaptation Syndrome.

A Note about This Article

As I mentioned in the video, a great deal of the ideas I will discuss come from a paper titled The Basics of Training for Muscle Size and Strength: A Brief Review on the Theory. by Buckner et. al.    I’d point out two things about this paper.

First, one of the authors (Jeremy Loenneke) puts out work from a lab that seems to have a bit of a HIT bias.    I’m not trying to dismiss the paper so much as put some perspective on the author’s direction.   … Keep Reading

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Sweep Dojo

Today, I want to run a weird little video/article I did called Sweep Dojo.  For those not familiar with the term, I shall explain shortly but it’s a little bit of a weird piece Esoteric isn’t the right word although I might call it philosophical.  By that I don’t mean the pointless navel gazing that most philosophy seems to represent.  Rather it represents part of my philosophical approach to training and coaching.

So let’s find out what it means to sweep dojo.

What Does Sweep Dojo Even Mean?

Anyone with a martial arts background probably recognizes the phrase Sweep Dojo.  Even without the background, you might know what it means if you watched Kung-Fu movies.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain.

In the most literal sense, the idea of sweep dojo is something that comes out of very classical martial arts training.  By this I mean the type you might see in Buddhist monasteries.  … Keep Reading