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All About Program Design by Tim Henriques

All About Program Design CoverIt’s been a while since I did a product review, predominantly because I didn’t have anything to review.  Well now I do (actually two products, the other will be another article) the first of which is All About Program Design by Tim Henriques.

Tim is the Director of the Virginia branch of the NPTI , The National Personal Training Institute, an online certification program.  Tim is also the author of the book All About Powerlifting, a thorough and utterly comprehensive book on the topic that I have reviewed previously.

When I say comprehensive I mean it, there are something like 40 pages describing the strict curl, a lift that isn’t common but is contested from time to time.  FORTY PAGES.  Anyhow.

As part of his work with the NPTI Tim has written and released All About Program Design which, as the title suggests is aimed at just that.  Let me make it clear from the get-go that this is focused on more general training as might be seen by the general public or what the typical personal trainer might be utilizing.… Keep Reading