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Sustainable Self Development Podcast Interview

Sharing is Caring

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Abel Csabi at the Sustainable Self Development Podcast.  Another other topics we talked about some of the issues with flexible dieting and IIFYM as well as restrained and disinhibited dieting and slowed weight loss.  Abel had to break it into two parts since it ran about 2 hours (because I will just not shut up) and I’ve waited until both were available to put it up here.

Part 1, focusing on flexible dieting and IIFYM issues can be seen here

And you can also listen to it on Soundcloud.

Part 2, focusing on restrained, unrestrained and disinhibited eating along with slowed weight and fat loss can be watched here.

And you can listen to it on Soundcloud as well.

And no, that’s not my current beard as I had not yet reached my final form.


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Sharing is Caring

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