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New Podcasts with Vicky Merceta and Jason Shepis

Sharing is Caring

So a couple of new podcasts that I did recently.  The first was with Vicky Merceta of Don’t Fear the Weight on, as you’d imagine, women’s issues.  It was a monster 2 hours although we had to re-record the first hour when Skype ate it.  The first hour focuses on issues related to nutrition, fat loss, mistakes women often make along with concerns such as the loss of the menstrual cycle.  The second was dedicated to training, more from a performance and muscle growth standpoint.  Until the women’s book is done, this should give folks a good overview of the topic.

Or download it from Itunes

I also want to share was done a while back (and I failed to post it because I suck) a podcast with Jacob Shepis of  JPS Health and Fitness in which, among other topics, we discussed similar topics along with a discussion of refeeds and fat loss.

You can watch it below

or find it on Youtube here.


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Sharing is Caring

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