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Evil Sports Genius PED Podcast Part 2

So some while back, I did a podcast with Evil Genius Broderick Chavez that was a little bit out of my normal wheelhouse.  It was on performance enhancing drugs (mainly steroids) but, since I know just enough to be dangerous, I interviewed him rather than the other way around.  So he’s the star of the show and I’m just the trained monkey trying to ask good questions.

The first one we did was pretty general so we sat down to do a second one where he got into much more of the nitty gritty of how he approaches cycle design for different situations.  We also re-addressed the idea of PCT and coming off anabolics along with a host of other factors and we must have gone for 2-3 total hours since he has a LOT of information to share (and neither he nor I will shut up or stop chatting about other stuff).

You can listen to it here.

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