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Podcasts and Interviews

I wanted to collect the various podcasts and interviews I’ve done with folks in one place (and thanks to the folks who helped me get this list together since I’m awful at saving these) for those who want to hear me babble about the same stuff repeatedly for 60-90 minutes at a pop. Unfortunately, the nature of Itunes is that I can’t link directly to the podcast I was on. Instead, I’ve linked to the general page and indicated the number of the episode where I babbled.

The Revive Stronger Podcast

Back in 2004, I wrote a little book called A Guide to Flexible Dieting, basically arguing that being less extreme with a diet would work better.  Of course, nobody was ready to listen then although, in the last few years you can’t swing a dead cat without seeing a post or ebook about flexible dieting.  Sometimes folks even cite my work (in one case it was blatantly plagiarized but that’s a different story).  At least I’m not bitter.  I still don’t know why anybody would be swinging a dead cat around but that’s a topic I’ll have to look into at a later date.

In any case, among other concepts (and make no mistake, I did not invent these concepts for the most part, I think I was simply the first to really formalize them) I discussed what I call a refeed.  This refers to a period of deliberate high-carbohydrate intake that has several goals including refilling muscle glycogen stores to support high-intensity training, allow a psychological break from the diet (as certain usually off diet foods are allow) and, more hopefully, to reset some of the hormonal and metabolic adaptations that occur in response to dieting.

In the original book, I described refeeds lasting 5 hours, 1 day and 2 days in duration with recommendations for each being given based on such factors as initial body fat percentage, size of calorie deficit and the amount of training being done.   I also recommended them more or less across the board for all dieters.

Well it’s 13 years later and, as one would hope, some of my thoughts on the topic have changed to at least some degree.  More research is available, I’ve gotten more experience and feedback with people, at least some of my research for the women’s book (currently being edited) ties into this.  And this was the topic of the podcast with Steve Hall.

For just over an hour (this was short for me since I actually stayed on topic), we discuss any and all topics related to refeeds. How long, how often, for whom, what and how much to eat, etc.  This represents my most current thoughts on the topic.

You can find my Refeeds Revised podcast on Itunes.

If you like it please leave a review and rating on Itunes as this will help Steve (who is even worse at self promotion than I am) to get more exposure.

You can also watch the Podcast on the Youtubes.




Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness Podcast

So while I have an exciting announcement (hint: new book, no not THAT book) in a week or two I want to make people aware of yet another podcast I did recently with Abbey Orr of First Base Fitness for her podcast I Am Worth It.  As usual, I talked way too long and I think we went about 2.5 hours in total.  I do love hearing myself talk.

In Part 1, we mainly talked about women’s issues including an overview of the menstrual cycle, birth control, why women often have a harder time losing fat than men, how cravings and food intake changes, etc.

The Menstrual cycle, birth control, etc. can all be found on Itunes here.

In Part 2, we switched gears a bit and talked about some of the differences between the general population and athletes in terms of training and nutrition.  I think this is something that is often overlooked and it’s come up in a lot of my recent interviews.  We also took a look at IIFYM and other aspects of flexible dieting and what happens when someone breaks the plan and finished up with the importance of sleep.

The topic of athletes versus the general public and IIFYM can be found on Itunes here.

Mike Matthew’s Muscle For Life Podcast

Mike Matthew’s and I did a podcast on women’s fat loss and nutritional issues where I gave some fairly actionable points on how women can improve their overall approach.

Muscle for Life Podcast

Jeff Nippard’s IceCream4PRs Podcast

I did a Podcast with Jeff Nippard for his IceCream4PRs Podcast that kind of went off the rails.  It was so long he had to divided it into two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Juma Iraki Irakinutrition Podcast

I did a podcast on Women’s issues with Juma Iraki of Irakinutrition which you can find here.

Juma Iraki Irakinutrition Podcast

Evil Genius Sports Performance Podcast

This is a podcast I did with Broderick Chavez of Evil Genius Sports Performance.  He asked me to provide like 6 useful recommendations/talking points and, while I sort of winged it, I managed to lay out some of the common mistakes (and solutions of course) that people make when they approach fat loss.

Evil Genius Sports Performance Fat Loss Podcast

I recently did a follow up podcast with Broderick on the topic of muscle and weight gain.

Evil Genius Sports Performance Muscle Gain odcast

Or you can watch it on Youtube

The Dr. Drew Podcast

I spent much of my college years and afterwards listening to Dr. Drew and Lovelines and when I had the opportunity to be on his podcast, I couldn’t have been more honored. I was only a fanboy for the first 10 minutes or so.

Dr. Drew Itunes Podcast

Episode 151

Kinobody Presents The Road to Ripped Podcast

This was a podcast I did with Greg O’Gallagher of Kinobody.

Kinobody Podcast

Episode 59 and 69

Sigma Nutrition Radio Podcast

Danny Lemon does the Sigma Nutrition radio podcast and this was the one I did with him.

Sigma Nutrition Radio Podcast

Episode 33

New York Muscle Radio Podcast
Real Bodybuilding Advice Without The Fluff

This was a podcast I did with two New Yorkers who, despite being chowder-eating yankees, I spoke with.

New York Muscle Radio Podcast

Episode 23

Beyond The Champion by Complete Human Performance Podcast
The Leader in Hybrid Training and Multisport Coaching

Beyond the Champion Podcast

Episode 8

Dean Bokhari’s Meaningful Show
Self-Improvement and Motivation by Dean Bokhari:
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Self-Help Podcast Host

Dean Bokhari’s Meaningful Show Podcast

Episode 54

Mark Young Training Systems Interview

This one doesn’t appear to be on Itunes or online so I’ve uploaded it to my site.   When I click the link it shows up as a playable page but it may download itself to your computer.  Just be forewarned.

Mark Young Training Systems Interview

Reality Based Fitness Interview

This one also isn’t online or on Itunes so I’ve uploaded it to my site. When I click the link it shows up as a playable page but it may download itself to your computer.  Just be forewarned.   It’s long, nearly 90 minutes and I believe this is the interview I did that crashed his server since I really got a head on and talked pretty endlessly about everything.

Reality Based Fitness Interview

Well Travelled Wellness Podcast

This is a podcas that I did revolving around some of the information in the upcoming women’s book.

Well Travelled Wellness Podcast

Body-Improvements Interview

This is a bit of an old one (2008) but it’s a collected 5 part interview I did with Steve Troutman for Body-Improvements.

Body Improvements Interview


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