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Well-Being in Andalusia

Sharing is Caring

Ok, I can’t think of any good topic to ramble on about today and I haven’t talked about dogs for a while so here we go.  One of my site readers, sent me the following and I wanted to make folks aware of it.  Take it away, Shaun.

I know that holidays of this sort are common for folks in overcast England (assuredly the sun exposure helps to raise Vitamin D and make people healthier) and if you’re going to travel you might as well get a double benefit and go have some time with some dogs.

Hi Lyle,

Just got stuck into reading some of your writings on dog rescue and thought you might be interested in reading our story. We’re an English couple in Andalusia, Spain, who currently have 125 rescue dogs in our centre where we volunteer (as well as 5 of our own, who got us started on this crazy shit). Tomorrow 47 of the little blighters are off to Germany and Switzerland to start a new chapter in their lives, hopefully at their forever homes.

We’ve just started a little project of inviting folks down from the cold northern European countries to get some sun, visit the sierra and to help out at the centre (we have zero help from locals unfortunately) in the afternoons in exchange for unbelievably cheap accommodation in our picture perfect village.

Basically folks would have a cracking holiday with transport provided for visiting the surrounding area in the mornings for only 100 euros for the week. It’s our ploy to get some help down here for the dogs because it’s badly needed and we reckon it’s a neat idea to bring both tourism to the area and dog-lovers to pitch in with the centre.

Here’s my blog. The first time I read your Austin Humane Centre stuff was what got me thinking I should be lending a hand myself…and now I find myself really loving what I’m doing to help, so cheers for the info you put out on that.

You can read my blog at:

I’ve also got a dedicated site for the project at:

You can keep up to date with us on Facebook at:

Here couple of short vids of two of my dogs to show off where we are for folks fancying mixing up helping with the dogs and enjoying the sun and sierra.


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Sharing is Caring

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