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Loretta Update: Loretta Has a Foster Home

I’m going to take a break from the current series on Methods of Endurance Training: Winter 2010/2011 to post a quick Loretta update.   I’ll pick things up with that series on Friday. I was sent this via email and a special Austin Humane Society Newsletter that Loretta is currently out of the shelter and staying in a foster home.  Volunteers often foster dogs to get them out of the shelter temporarily.  Once again, the donations that my readers gave contributed to this and the following appears on the Austin Humane Shelter’s webpage about Loretta:

Thanks to donors like you, young Loretta has a new lease on life and it certainly is turning out to be a happy one! You may remember Loretta as the sweet, but very sick dog, who we rescued from an uncertain future at Town Lake Animal Center after she was found abandoned on two couches on a rural road (you can see pictures of her when she first arrived to the right). Since you first met Loretta, she has certainly come a long way! Thanks to your donations, we were able to fund extensive skin treatment and two eye surgeries to cure Loretta of her ailments. Now her skin is almost healed and she has successfully completed her first eye surgery, and it is clear that she is extremely thankful! Please watch the video below to see just how happy Loretta truly is to be feeling better and living in a loving foster home!

Loretta still needs a forever family, so if you think you might be the right fit for this sweet girl, please contact

This is Lyle again: Looking at the video, I see no indication of what she’s gone through.  Her back looks normal, if her eye surgeries (again, she kept both due to the excellent work of the surgeons) are holding her back I can’t see it.  She’s just a great dog in need of an equally great home.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their help.  Loretta is clearly an amazing dog; to have gone through what she went through and be this happy and playful is a testament to her.  And it couldn’t have happened without you.


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