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A History of Women in Sport: Part 2

In A History of Women in Sport Part 1, I looked at the changes that occurred during the 20th century in term’s women’s involvement and acceptance in sport.  Today I want to follow that up by looking at the changes that have continued to occur into the modern era.

Women in Sport Part 5: The Modern Era

As I write this chapter in 2018, the status of women’s sport has changed even further with more progress having been made.… Read More

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A History of Women in Sport: Part 1

Today I want to post an excerpt from The Women’s Book Vol 2 (which will deal with training) which is A History of Women in Sport. Since it’s nearly 11 pages, I am going to divide it into two parts. Today I will look at the involvement, development and other aspects of women in sport from the turn of the century up until the start of the modern era and will finish next week with the modern era and beyond.… Read More

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The Women’s Book Vol 1 is Here!

The Women's Book CoverIn 2014, while working on a different book project, I realized that it was time to address a topic that I had been avoiding for quite some time, one that I had intended to examine but, due to the complexity involved, had so far avoided.

That topic was women’s physiology as it pertained to nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain and training.  … Read More