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The Real Benefits of High Frequency Training

In recent months, a variety of #fitpros have jumped on the high-frequency training bandwagon.  Eric Helms and Omar Isuf did a video where Eric claims to be training full body every day.  Before then stretching the definition of full body to it’s breaking point. Apparently now you can work the ‘full body’ over multiple days but last time I looked that’s called a split routine.… Read More

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Training Volume and Muscle Growth: Part 1

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been addressing different issues regarding Brad Schoenfeld’s recent paper suggesting that an incredibly high training volume, far more than have ever been suggested or used by any sane human, give the most growth.  I won’t re-examine the issues I have with it but you can read my first diss track and my second diss track if you’re not got caught up.… Read More

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Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 4

Having written about what calories are, it’s time to return to the mailbag since this is always an easy way for me to get content.  Today I’ll address questions about heart rate monitors and metabolic rate, agronomist activity levels and calorie levels, NEAT and adaptive thermogenesis,  and then a long answer on the topic of whether to lose fat or gain muscle for a beginner at 20% bodyfat (if I were a different kind of writer I’d that THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK YOU!).… Read More

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Bodyrecomposition Mailbag 3

So another dig into the mailbag to save myself having to think of another feature article to write.  The three questions today have to do with fat loss and muscle sparing, phosphatidylserine, cortisol and water retention.   Finally is a look at causes of a plateau in weight gain.

Dietary Deficit and Fat Loss when Muscle Sparing is the Same

Hi Lyle.… Read More