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Leg Curl with Hip Extension

A commonly made argument is that there are no isolation or machine hamstring exercises that also work the glutes/posterior chain. This is usually claimed in articles that describe the Glute-Ham Raise exercise (GHR) which is a semi-isolation movement that does both).

It’s also incorrect.

And since not everybody has access to a proper GHR machine, and since you can’t always do certain exercises when your low back is already tired, it’s nice to have another movement to either rotate in or use as a secondary exercise to train the glutes and hamstrings.… Read More

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Shirted Benching – A Guest Article by Dan Montague

In Bench Pressing Variations, I talked about the three different ‘types’ of bench pressing and tried to talk about geared/shirted bench pressing. And while I had the basic concept right, I presented geared benching a bit wrong. The grip was a bit narrow, the tuck a bit much. You have to remember that most big powerlifters have quite a bit of girth so their elbows would never be quite as tight to the body as I showed (what Sarah/IronMan was doing was a perfect close grip bench press).… Read More

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Benching with the Pecs

There are a lot of problems people have in the gym but one of the more common is the complaint of “I can’t feel my pecs when I bench”. In the majority of cases, this is simply because the person was never taught to bench press and use the pecs.

Some gurus even go so far as to say that the bench press sucks for chest development, which usually means that

  1. They never learned how to use the pecs while benching.
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