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Combining Metabolic and Tension Training – Q&A

Question: Lyle, I’ve been reading up on your articles covering the pathways of muscle growth while dieting to gain mass, as well as, when dieting to lose fat. With that being said I have some questions on what to do during dieting for fat loss. In some of your articles you’ve said that the tension pathway is the best for gaining or maintaining strength with a rep range between 30-60 reps per muscle group.… Read More

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Are Upright Rows Safe – Q&A

Question: Are upright rows safe?  Googling yields tons of different results. What is your opinion on that?

Answer: As always, the short answer is that it depends.  Mainly on how they are done and the person doing them.  Frankly, this is truly the only way to analyze if a given exercise is ‘safe’ or not, any exercise can be relatively more safe or unsafe for a given individual for a given set of circumstances. … Read More

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What’s the Proper Way to Squat – Q&A

Question: What is the proper way to squat? And could you address the issue of butt-winks at the bottom of the squat and how to correct that?

Answer: It depends.  Simply there is no single proper way to squat despite what many will have you believe or vigorously contend.  At the very least most will define three primary ‘types’ of squats which are:

  1. High-bar/Olympic squat
  2. Generic Power Squat
  3. Geared powerlifting squat

And I’d note that that only begins to scratch the surface of the different types of squats which have been done over the years. … Read More