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Exercise for Health and Fitness

Question: Obviously folks wanting to change body composition (lose fat or gain muscle) or maximize strength gains have to put in a proportionally larger amount of training to reach their goals.  But my question is this: what if my goals are general health and fitness?  What type of overall training program would you recommend for that?… Read More

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Muscular Tension Part 3

So I’ve already covered a lot of information in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on muscular tension and believe it or not I’ll wrap up here.  Let me try to rapidly summarize the previous 2 parts (rapidly meaning like 6 paragraphs).

High mechanical tension for some number of “effective” contractions is the primary initiating factor in muscle growth; this occurs via the FAK/PA/mTOR pathway. … Read More

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Muscular Tension Part 1

Focal Adhesion Kinase CascadeWhile I’m waiting until I get the energy to get aggro again, and I will, I wanted to write about a topic I’ve been meaning to address for a while,  a detailed look at the idea of muscular tension.  What it is, why it’s important, how we can or cannot measure it and what confusion comes out of the concept in a practical sense.… Read More

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Evidence for an Upper Threshold for Resistance Training Volume in Trained Women – Research Review

This piece is greatly overdue as I meant to get it done in February but managed to hit major writer’s block on everything.  Finally it is time.


So during the debate that settled absolutely nothing, during one of Mike’s responses that I still deem an irrelevant deflection (simply: what other papers have or have not done is of no relevance to the discussion of Brad’s paper), I was accused, as I suspected I would be, of having a hardon for Brad’s paper due to it disagreeing with my general recommendations.… Read More