Casein Hydrolysate and Anabolic Hormones and Growth – Research Review

I want to try something a little bit different for today’s research review.  Rather than looking at a single study in the kind of obsessive detail that only I and three readers really care about, I want to look at multiple studies but in lesser detail.  Not only will this hopefully make the article a bit more relevant and readable, it will let me address more than a single topic at once.

With the sheer volume of research appearing on a weekly basis, this will at least help me to look at data in a more timely fashion.  I’d mention that, for anyone who wants an even better look at a lot of studies, you’d be well served to consider Alan Aragon’s monthly Research Review which I reviewed in the confusingly titled Alan Aragon Research Review – Product Review.

In any case, today I want to look at two recent studies which are:

  1. Deglaire et al. Hydrolyzed dietary casein as compared with the intact protein reduces postprandial peripheral, but not whole-body, uptake of nitrogen in humans. Am J Clin Nutr. (2009) 90(4):1011-22.
  2. West et. al. Elevations in ostensibly anabolic hormones with resistance exercise enhance neither training-induced muscle hypertrophy nor strength of the elbow flexors. J Appl Physiol. 2009 Nov 12.

For each study I’ll give a brief background to the topic, look at what was done and then jump straight to the conclusions with some final summing up.  As noted above, some of the detail will be left out but I figure that anyone who is that interested in the details of methodology and such will simply get ahold of the full paper and read it themselves.