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Training Frequency for Mass Gains

In recent years, bodybuilding/hypertrophy training has divided itself into a number of different ‘camps’ with quite a bit of argument and debate going on over what the optimal training frequency for muscle growth is.

In this article, I want to look at the three most common training frequencies (in terms of how often a given muscle group is hit each week, I’m not talking about overall training frequency) and some of their pros and cons. … Read More

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Cardio and Mass Gains

Among the numerous never-ending debates in the field is the question of whether or not cardio/aerobic type activity should be performed when the explicit goal is maximum gains in muscle mass.  And as is usually the case, there are a variety of extreme standpoints in this debate.

At one extreme is the idea that trainees should perform an hour of low intensity cardio daily during their mass gaining phase. … Read More

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Reps Per Set for Optimal Growth

I’m going to throw out a weird hypothetical question that I want readers to consider before continuing with this article.

If you had to pick a single repetition range to train in for growth, what would it be?

That is, imagine some very strange situation where you could only train within a certain range (and let’s make that range something a little less vague then ‘Between 1-20 reps’ by limiting it to a 3 rep range) for the rest of your lifting career, what would it be?… Read More

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Dante Trudell’s DC Training – Product Review

In A Look at Some Popular Hypertrophy Programs, I made mention of something called Doggcrapp (DC) training in terms of being one of several excellent approaches to hypertrophy training. The brainchild of Dante Trudell (who uses the screen name Doggcrapp, hence the name), DC represents an excellent synthesis of a lot of very good ideas applied to bodybuilding.… Read More