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Macronutrient Intake for Mass Gains – Q&A

Question: I’ve seen your articles outlining the differences in macronutrient ratios for dieting  (basically the difference between carbs and fat once protein is set), but I’m  wondering if the same applies to gaining muscle mass.

Is there an optimal macronutrient ratio for mass gains?

Answer: Certainly there are some general tendencies in terms of setting up macronutrient intake for mass gains and I discussed many of them in some detail in The Baseline Diet 2009 Part 1 and The Baseline Diet 2009 Part 2.… Read More

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2 on 2 Off Training Frequency for Mass Gains

Question: What do you think of a 2 on 2 off upper/lower split so you train everything evenly at every 4th day.

So Monday: upper, Tuesday: lower, Wed/Thurs: off, Fri: upper, Sat: lower, Sun/Mon: off.

It requires more freedom in scheduling, but just curious if you thought this type of consistency was somehow advantageous as opposed to the every 3rd/4th day inconsistent recovery…

Answer: The above question actually came up in the comments section of Training Frequency for Mass Gains but I thought it was worth addressing in full.… Read More