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All Diets Work: The Importance of Calories

In the article All Diets Work: A Qualification I made a quick qualification regarding my original statement that ‘all diets work’; today I want to expand a bit on something I mentioned on in that article. That something is the importance of calories.

Now, I have read a LOT of diet books; too many frankly.… Read More

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An Introduction to the Psychology and Physiology of Dieting

In the next series of articles, I want to take a look at some aspects of dieting, both physiological and psychological.

Frankly, in a lot of ways, I think addressing the psychological aspects of dieting is far far more important than the physiology or nutrient metabolism or what have you. Simply put, at this point, with 40+ years of dedicated nutritional research, I think we have a pretty good idea of what is required for a diet to generate weight or fat loss.… Read More