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10 Tips to Deal with Holiday Weight Gain

So after my little exposé on Sol Orwell telling outright lies about me a few weeks back, I wanted to run a piece I’ve been running since 2008.  It’s a bit late but there are still 3 problem weeks left until New Year’s.  I won’t put anything else up, this will give me time to work on the book before having to deal with new content. … Read More

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The Full Diet Break

Over the weekend I did a podcast for Patrick Ward and Keat’s Snidemans Reality Based Fitness site and one of the topics came up had to do with flexible dieting and the full diet break.  This is something that I wrote about in both A Guide to Flexible Dieting and The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook but it occurred to me that there really wasn’t any information about it on the main site.… Read More

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Dieting Psychology Versus Dieting Physiology

Over the next series of articles, I want to look at both physiological and psychological reasons that diets can fail.

But before doing that I need to make something very clear: the distinction I’m making between psychology and physiology is simply for convenience, it’s not one that really truly exists.… Read More