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What are Calories Part 1

If I haven’t been as consistent with updates beyond endless podcasts, it’s because I sustained a major lower body injury (broken fibula and two torn ligaments) about 12 weeks ago and, let’s just say, my head hasn’t quite been in it.   I’ll write about that eventually to detail what happened and my recover but for today, I want to do a piece that I’ve wanted to write for a while.… Read More

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Does the EC Stack Stop Working

Last week, I answered a Q&A about ephedrine and caffeine (the EC stack) and how long it can be used.  And in that piece I made a throwaway/unexplained statement of:

I do mean that this is unusual in that most drugs lose, or at least appear to lose, their effect over time (it’s a little more complicated than this but I’ll save my explanation of this statement for next week or something).

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Antidepressants and Weight Gain

Question: Why do antidepressants cause weight gain?  Is there any way to lose weight on them?

Answer: Apparently, since talking fairly openly about my own mental issues I’ve sort of become the go-to guy on this topic for many people.  Which is only potentially overwhelmed by the influx of questions or Facebook PM’s I get about women’s periods right now.… Read More