ALFIE! Part 2

So in ALFIE! Part 1, I gave a relatively quick explanation of how I went from digging a dog (ALFIE!) to adoption in a handful of days.  Summing that up, I’d actually known ALFIE for a couple of months but had only spent a minimal amount of time with him in the runs since he was technically a level above what I could walk at the shelter.

A series of events ranging from being told that my excuses for not having a dog were nonsense to watching two friends’ dog for about 5 days along with a bunch of different events on Thanksgiving had led to me making a decision.  I wanted ALFIE!.  After buying a bunch of stuff at PetSmart, I had adopted him that Saturday and brought him home.

As sort of an amusing side-note, readers will note that I’m referring to ALFIE! in all-caps, Internet yelling.  That’s how I actually always talked to him at the shelter; I’d see him in his kennel and treat him and call him ALFIE!.  Anyhow, when I went to adopt him they asked me if I wanted to change his name.  Were they kidding?  Clearly not since some adopters do.  But in my mind he was and would always be ALFIE!

So after fighting to leash him up, I had gotten him into his crate and that’s where I cut things off on Monday.  Now he was mine, sitting in my back seat in his crate and it was time to see what would happen when I got him home.  He was actually stunningly well behaved in his crate as we made the short drive home with one stopover at Costco for dog food.

He didn’t whine or bark and just sat quietly in his kennel. Even as I shopped at Costco, he didn’t raise a fuss.  Like I said, dogs actually like crates to a great degree; it’s their little private space.  After that one stop, it was time to take him to his new home (until we move to a house in February anyhow).

And like a proud (and slightly mental) new parent, I felt the need to document all of it.  His first task at my complex was to sniff every damn thing he could, he had to suss out his new location and that meant a lot of sniffing.  And course, he had to pee. And like the slightly deranged guy I am, I took a picture of it.  Just be real glad his first poo was done at night.


ALFIE! Part 1

So I mentioned last Tuesday in Does the Training Determine the Diet or the Diet Determine the training that I really wanted to talk more about my dogs and that I had a surprise coming up.  Today is that surprise since I’d rather write about dogs than fat loss or training right now.  Don’t be surprised if my site domain changes to soon.

Anyhow, today and Thursday is going to be another couple of posts about dogs.  Well, more specifically about a single dog named ALFIE!  Now can probably guess what today is going to be about by the title alone; read it all anyhow.  It’s background for Part 2 on Thursday anyway.

Now, those of you who read/remember the entirety of the Volunteering at the Austin Humane Shelter series may remember that i mentioned a BB (blue extreme) dog named Alfie that was one of my current favorites, but that I didn’t ever get to walk him because he was above my level.

But that I’d sat with him in the runs from time to time and really dug him.  He was cute in that sort of stupid looking way and he’s just a big goofball; I couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t been adopted and he’d been at the shelter for at least a couple of months.  He was cute, and lovable even if he didn’t seem to be quite all there.   And I’m not just being mean; others at the shelter who had worked with him felt exactly the same way about him.  Lovable but not quite all there

I mean, he’s a bit crosseyed and just seems, well, a few cards short of a full deck.  Still lovable and that’s all that matters.  At the shelter he was a bit out of control for reasons I’ll talk about in a second.  And he was positively idiotic for squeak toys.  I’d watch higher level volunteers sit with him in the field and scratch his back while he just squeaked a toy in his mouth.  For like 30 minutes straight.  Squeak, squeak, squeak.  He couldn’t have been happier.

In any case, this is the picture I put up of the big goober although with a different caption.