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Two Quick Announcements

To give everyone’s eyes a break from reading dense text, I’m going to keep it short and sweet today without a couple of quick announcements.  I’ll finish up the Overtraining series next week (really) and then move back to other things.

Announcement #1: Seminar at Hyde Park Gym In Austin Texas

As I mentioned in Methods of Endurance Training: Results Part 1, I’m currently living back in Austin, Texas. And will be giving a free seminar on Supplementation for Strength and Power Athletes at Hyde Park Gym on Guadalupe.     The seminar will be held Saturday May 15th at 1pm (please note: this is a different time than appeared in the newsletter) and is completely free.

During the roughly 90 minutes (with time for questions and answers) I’ll be looking at both basic and performance supplements (prohormones will NOT be discussed) in terms of what has good research behind it, how to use it, etc.  It will be mostly applied and I’ll try to keep the tedious theory to a minimum (there will be a short section up front for background pupposes) and focus solely on application.

Folks involved in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding (to some degree) and strongman (to some degree) will hopefully get something out of the talk.  Endurance athlete supplement strategies will not be covered.

Announcement #2: Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports is now Available

As the newsletter subscribers were made aware of on Monday (yet another reason) to subscribe, I have a new product available which deals with applied nutrition for mixed sports.  By mixed sports I mean any sport that has both strength/power and endurance as part of the overall performance package.  That includes all team sports, most combat sports (MMA, etc.) along with several others.  The unique nature of the mixed sports makes nutritional issues more complicated than when dealing with pure strength/power or pure endurance sports.

This product started life as a seminar I did in Vancouver last year but rather than just throwing the video to DVD with the slides and handouts, I decided to expand both into a full fledged stand alone book.  The full package includes the main book, both DVD’s and an extra spiral-bound booklet with the Powerpoint slides.  You can get more information including the full table of contents, an excerpt (the entirety of Chapter 1) from the book and a DVD excerpt by going to the Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports sales page.  The product can be ordered there as well.

I’ll recommence (and attempt to conclude) the overtraining series on Tuesday of next week.

It’s an 80 page book with 2 DVD’s and an additional booklet of Powerpoint slides (to go with the DVD seminar videos).

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