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RFL Kindle and a Muscle Gain Podcast

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Just two quick little announcements this week.

Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Kindle Edition

Last year I started converting some of my books into Kindle edition finally.  I got sort of sidetracked after I did a few of them but several got done.  And, due to the software I was using not being terribly intuitive, the Kindle Edition of The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook got formatted incorrectly.  About 2/3rds of the book got duplicated and while this doesn’t make the book unusable, it isn’t terribly tidy or easily readable.

Well, I’ve finally gotten the book reformatted correctly.  Anybody who purchased the product previously should feel free to email me at orders @ (take out the spaces) with either their order email, full name or receipt and I’ll be happy to send you the correctly formatted version of the book.

Muscle Gain Podcast with Broderick Chavez

A while back I did a podcast with Broderick Chavez of Sports Performance Radio on fat loss and he asked me back to talk about muscle and weight gain.  It went way off the rails as we talked for about 3 hours about everything from realistic rates and amounts of muscle gain to training, nutrition and anything else you can care to think of (though somehow I forgot to touch on cardio during mass gains).

You can listen to the Podcast

Or you can watch it on Youtube

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Sharing is Caring

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