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Women, Nutrition and Fat Loss – Teaser

Women's Book Table of ContentsIn February of 2014, for reasons more or less related to anger and spite, I started to rewrite one of my books.  What started as a rewrite rapidly went out of control as it morphed into a nearly 400 page tome on all aspects of fat loss.

At the roughly 85-90% completion mark, I realized that that book was missing a big section, a topic I had been avoiding for about a decade. … Read More

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New Product Bundles

Just for ease of use, I wanted to collect all of the new product bundles (and my new book) onto one page so folks can have an easier time finding it.  I’ve also got some new Affiliate Opportunities (through Clickbank) described at the bottom of the page.


The Complete Rapid Fat Loss Bundle
If you hadn’t guessed by the title, those two books are The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and my Guide to Flexible Dieting. … Read More