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Joining the 21st Century: E-books Available Again

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I know I haven’t been terribly active with posting (understatement of the last two years), just haven’t really had much to say.  Certainly nothing ‘new’ that I haven’t written about before or already.

However, after much deep soul searching and literally endless requests, I have finally decided to make my books available as e-books again.  The exception is Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports since I haven’t yet figured out the best way to handle the DVD/video portion of that product as a download.  However, all of my other books can now be purchased in e-book (PDF) format, hardcopy, or as a hardcopy/e-book bundle at a slightly higher price (you’ll receive the e-book download immediately and the book will be shipped soon thereafter).

The decision was based on many factors not the least of which being that overseas shipping is simply brutal right now, many purchasers are having to pay half the price of the book again just for shipping.  There is also the delay issue with it often taking up to 4 weeks for overseas products to arrive.  That sucks.

E-books avoid both of those problems since they can be downloaded immediately and don’t require shipping costs.  All of my e-books are printable, they don’t have DRM (I am of the strongly held opinion that anti-piracy measures only inconveniences the legal end-user; pirates will pirate and you can’t stop them) or password protection.  Do me a favor and don’t pirate them. Thanks.

As well, and it’s taken me some time to realize this, but there is rapidly a generation growing up that is used to/prefers to read books in digital formats (and yes I am looking into exporting my books to either the Kindle or Nook platform in the near future, but I can’t say when that will be.  Note that Second Generation Kindle’s can read PDF’s).  That I’m not one of them isn’t really relevant.

In any case, tell your family, tell your friends.  Or if you’ve been waiting to purchase one of my books but didn’t because you wanted an e-book well here’s your opportunity.  If you find anything broken in terms of links or downloads, please let me know.  I’m sure I missed something.

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Sharing is Caring

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