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Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mike Catherwood Podcast

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Last week, I had the absolute honor of doing a podcast with one of my long-term heroes, Dr. Drew Pinsky of Loveline Fame.  I’ve been listening to Dr. Drew since I was in college, as far back as 1990 and can’t even begin to express how much I’ve learned from him over the past 20 years.

Having the opportunity to be on his show (with his current co-host Mike Catherwood) was an experience I can’t even begin to describe.  Both Dr. Drew and Mike are lifters themselves (into pushing heavy iron) and I tried to keep my drooling fanboyness to a minimum (only a few minutes) so that we could actually discuss stuff.   I probably could have gushed about Dr. Drew and how much I’ve learned from him for the entire hour given the chance.

We mainly just talked about some general stuff related to training and diet (with a brief touch on the anti-aging stuff; not my area of expertise) and I don’t know that regular readers will hear anything that they haven’t heard before.  It was still a great talk and I thank both Dr. Drew and Mike for the opportunity to be on the show.  They talked about having me back to, as Dr. Drew put it ‘get into the weeds’ about details and I can’t wait.

In any case, the podcast is now finally available for listen/download here.

It should also be available on Itunes in the podcast section but I don’t think I can link out to that.

I want to thank both Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew for the opportunity to be on the show.   And, more generally I’d thank Dr. Drew for being a voice of reason and fact in a world beset by bullshit.  He’s out there making a difference, trying to help people by providing good information in a factual and understandable way.  Somehow, I can get behind that.


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Sharing is Caring

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